FPGA implementation of decision functions
Generalized Fourier Descriptors
Curvilinear detector
Viola Jones hardware implementation
Cancer Prostate

Johel Mitéran - Professor - University of Burgundy (France)


Laboratoire Le2i




Research :

My research is about real-time pattern recognition, classification methods for real-time image processing (SVM, Boosting, Neural Networks, etc) and the implementation of the associated decision functions using configurable computing (FPGA), using specific tools we designed.

The applications are mainly industrial control, biometry, medical imaging, machine vision.


Key words : classification, real-time, FPGA, pattern recognition, image processing

Main publications - See Le2i for more informations.


·        "Real-time 3D face acquisition using reconfigurable hybrid architecture", Johel MITERAN, Jean-philippe ZIMMER, Michel PAINDAVOINE, Julien DUBOIS, EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, Hindawi, 2007, 2007, http://www.hindawi.com/GetPDF.aspx?doi=10.1155/2007/81387

·        "Generalized Fourier Descriptors with Applications to Objects Recognition in SVM Context", Fethi SMACH, Cédric LEMAITRE, Jean Paul GAUTHIER, Johel MITERAN, Mohamed ATRI, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (JMIV), Springer, 2007, JMIV.pdf

·        "An FPGA-based accelerator for Fourier Descriptors computing for color object recognition using SVM", Fethi SMACH, Johel MITERAN, Mohamed ATRI, Julien DUBOIS, Mohamed ABID, Jean Paul GAUTHIER, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (JRTIP), Springer, 2007, JRTIPversion_18draft.pdf

·        "Real-time flaw detection on complex object: comparison of results using classification with SVM, Boosting and Hyperrectangle based method", Johel MITERAN, Sébastien BOUILLANT, Michel PAINDAVOINE, Fabrice MERIAUDEAU, Julien DUBOIS, Journal of Electronic Imaging, SPIE, 2006, miteran_jei2.pdf

·        "Design of a Neural Networks Classifier for Face Detection", Fethi SMACH, Mohamed ATRI, Johel MITERAN, Mohamed ABID, Journal of Computer Science, Sciences Publications, 2 (3), pp. 261-268, 2006, http://www.scientificworld.net/fulltext/jcs/jcs23257-260.pdf

·        "Merging system for multiscale edge detection", Olivier LALIGANT, Frédéric TRUCHETET, Johel MITERAN, Patrick GORRIA, Optical Engineering, 44 (3), pp. 1-11, March 2005, opt-eng-44-2005.pdf

·        "Automatic Hardware Implementation Tool for a Discrete Adaboost-Based Decision Algorithm", Johel MITERAN, Jiri MATAS, Elbey BOURENNANE, Michel PAINDAVOINE, Julien DUBOIS, EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, Hindawi, 2005 (7), pp. 1035-1046, 2005, paperboosting_v5_1.pdf

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·        "Discontinuity detection on industrial parts: real time image segmentation using parzen's kernel", Johel MITERAN, Sophie KOHLER, Pierre GEVEAUX, Patrick GORRIA, Jiri MATAS, Materials Evaluation, 60 (3), pp. 430-436, March 2002, miteran_mev.pdf

·        "Access control : adaptation and real time implantation of a face recongnition method", Johel MITERAN, Jean-philippe ZIMMER, Fan YANG, Michel PAINDAVOINE, Optical Engineering, Vol. 40 (No. 4), pp. 586-593, April 2001, OE_acces_control.pdf

·        "Analysis of compatibility between lighting devices and descriptive features using Parzen'skernel, application to flaws inspection", Pierre GEVEAUX, Sophie KOHLER, Johel MITERAN, Frédéric TRUCHETET, Optical Engineering, 39 (12), pp. 3165-3175, December 2000, gev00.pdf

·        "Classification temps réel pour le contrôle par vision artificielle", Patrick GORRIA, Johel MITERAN, Bernard LAMALLE, Image numérique et perception artificielle. Moroccan journal of control computer science and signal , Amadeia, pp. 1-10, March 2000.

·        "A new image filtering te chnique combining a wavelet transform with a linear network: application to face recognition", Fan YANG, Michel PAINDAVOINE, H ABDI, Johel MITERAN, Optical engineering, Vol. 39 (Number 11), pp. 2894-2899, 2000.






Current Job 


2006------ Professor, University of Burgundy, Dijon


Previous jobs


1997-2006 Maître de conférence (associate professor), Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

1995-1997 Maître de conférence (associate professor), , Université de Bourgogne, IUT Le Creusot

1994-1995 ATER, Université de Bourgogne, IUT Le Creusot

1992-1994 employed by Electronique Associés and PhD student,  - Le Creusot



Teaching activities


 ·   Responsible for Master 2 STIC - VIM (Vision - Image - Multimedia),

 ·   Responsible for L3 ESI project (electronic),

 ·   Responsible for M1 ESI (Industrial computing)

 ·   Responsible for M2 VIM - VIIA module pattern recognition

 ·   Responsible for FPGA and industrial buses in ESIREM - INFOTRONIC (engineering school)


etc !



Other responsabilities


·   Coordinator of B team in the Le2i (Signal – Medical Imaging)